Flat Tire

< queue news theme > In other news, I had my first flat tire with Fujin yesterday. Since the city is tearing up half the streets in downtown Little Rock, we have to go the wrong way up Lousianna Ave. (one way street) to be able to get to our parking lot at work. Yesterday morning I heard a pop and hiss as I was pulling into the lot. After work, the driver's side rear was totally flat and I had to put on the spare donut. Such fun.

I did solve the mystery of the missing tow-hook though-- apparently the rear driver's side tow-hook is in the bag with the tire iron, and it gets real close to the exhaust when it's on the car which is why it's not. Mystery solved.

Anyway, I got the spare on and went to a local gas station with repair bays. They plugged the hole for $8 which seemed pretty reasonable. The objectionable sharp object turned out to be a broken bit of smashed headlight reflector plastic. At least I didn't have to buy a new tire.

Now back to the President's address..... < queue news outro >