This weekend I went up to Branson, MO to see my friend Clyde. I drove up Friday afternoon (about 4 hours) and dined on all sorts of smoked meats. Clyde smoked up three kinds of ribs, bologna, and chicken wings. All were outstanding! Saturday night, we went and saw Walter Trout, a bluesman, at Southtown, a little club in Hollister, about 15 minutes south of Branson. It was a great show, after they worked out some bugs with the power. We invented a new term: "bantrum" is any sort of tantrum perpetrated by a band, usually by the front man, when faced with adversity. Clyde has some great songs in the works, and I helped him flesh a couple out in the bass department. The Branson strip, is kinda trashy, but I managed to stay away from it (except for a wrong turn that forced me to drive the entire length of it on Friday night).