A Better Day

Yesterday evening, we finally got to see my attending physician and learn the results of my latest CT scan.  My pancreas no longer appears to be inflamed and my C Reactive Protein blood test is down to 1.6 this morning.  Additionally my white blood cell count is within normal ranges again.  So last night they removed the feeding tube and I got to eat my first real meal in weeks.  I'm feeling good and it appears my tests bear that out, so hopefully I will be going home soon.

Thanks to everyone for the e-cards, blog comments, letters and other support.  When things get rough in the hospital, it's wonderful to be reminded of those who care.  Thanks and blessings to all!

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A Visit From Lucky the Cat!

Today, my lovely wife Jakki, smuggled my cat onto the hospital campus.  It started with Mom goading me into a walk as soon as she could.  She shepherded me to the elevators and then slapped my knitted hat on my head.  I thought something was up at this point.  Down we went to the lobby, which is where we generally go when I want to get some outside time.  It was sprinkling a bit, so I thought it was odd that mom would want me to be outside-- professional worrier that she is.   As soon as we got outside, she started leading me a different direction than we normally go, and when I lookup up Jakki was standing at the other side of the roundabout, holding Lucky.  We ducked into the empty Drs. Building lobby and had some scratch time.  Lucky was very good and didn't even seem to need his harness.  I could tell he was missing me.  Mom snapped some pictures which I have added to the Photo Album (the link under our pictures on the homepage).

Finally mom and I went back up to the room and Jakki took Lucky home.  Apparently he pooped in the carrier on the way to the parking garage so she had to hurriedly duck into a bathroom and clean that up; hoping not to get caught in the process.  I'm glad my wife is willing to take a few risks for my happiness now and again.  It's one of the (many) reasons I love her.

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Back in the Stupid Hospital

Just to let everyone know who doesn't already, on 3/31 I was admitted to the hospital again with more pancreas troubles.  Right now I'm getting all my food through a tube (which sucks the big one), but I'm off antibiotics and my white count is down to 12,000, which is better.  They are doing another batch of CT scans on Monday to determine the course forward.  Aside from the discomfort of the feeding tube and the general hospital rough treatment, I feel pretty good.  Hopefully I will get home before I run out of paid leave!  Mom has taken several pictures which I put up in a gallery in the usual place.  More news as events warrant.
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Happy Leap Year!

It's been a long time since I've posted to the ol' blog.  Things have been busy!  We had the Arkansas Contingent out for the holidays.  We had tons of snow, and everyone had a good time.

At work, I have been transferred over to the Empath side of the shop, so we'll see what comes of that.  It's a lot more software and a lot less brochure-ware.  Of course, I still have my duties as an application security freak.  My friend Bayly would be proud.

I've recently become a devotee of Ruby On Rails, and I'm working on a project to provide subscription customer management services to independent music teachers.  It's an ambitious project but it keeps me down in the basement :)

Jakki has been super busy with the final two quarters of her school campaign.  We are both looking forward to her graduating in June.  She's finally getting to spend lots of time with patients.  Yesterday she administered three IV's flawlessly.  Including one on a patient who is scared of needles.  I'm very proud of her :P

The weather has been warming up lately, and the huge piles of snow are rapidly turning into dirty puddles of melt water.  We are itching for spring to arrive so we can start motorcycle riding, camping and generally going outdoors without wearing nine pounds of clothing.

In health news, Jakki and I have joined a gym and we are working on establishing a good routine.  She's done some classes; I mostly just stick to the elliptical machine and the weights.  Wish us luck!


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Home Improvement

Some new pics are up in the gallery from some recent home improvement projects we've completed.  There is a pic of the new tile floor we have in the bathroom.  We are very happy with the results.  It took a few extra days to get the toilet re-installed and caulked, the tile sealed with 20 year sealer and the door cut to fit, but we think the extra effort will be worth it in the long run.  Also pictured are some shots I took after playing lumberjack all day one Sunday.  I bought a chainsaw and limbed our big pine tree in the side yard after Jakki had gone to work.  Lucky for me, she was pleased with the results Wink  It was hard work!  The saw gets pretty heavy after a few hours, and taking a shower afterwards I discovered wood chips in all sorts of places I didn't expect.  Finally, there's a pic of my new motorcycle.  I've been riding it to work when the weather is nice to save on gas, and I have also taken a few good long rides with my friend Pat.  He has the exact same bike, just a year newer.  Pretty soon, riding season will come to an end and I will have to fit it in the garage with two cars.  Last weekend we moved a bunch of stuff downstairs into the previously unused storage area by the furnace, so I think we will have room.  That's pretty much the news for now.  We are looking forward to Turkey Day in Genesee.
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Broken Things, Fixed!

I finally noticed that the photo gallery was down, so I have contacted Logjamming support and they have fixed the issue.  Apparently they underwent a PHP upgrade which made things go screwy.  I also had to do some .htaccess memory twiddling and permissions stuff to get Gallery2 working again.  But it's up!  And there are new photos in the Spring 2007 folder!

In other news, I passed my Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course, so I now have my motorcycle endorsement on my license.  Now all I need is a motorcycle...  I'm starting cheap and old at first, just something to get me to work while the weather is nice, and save a few bucks on gas.  Jakki has been working and going to summer school-- we are trying to save money for a winter vacation in La Paz.  I've smoked a few beef briskets with great results, and tomorrow I'm trying another Boston Butt pork hunk.  It should take 12-14 hours by my reckoning.  That's pretty much it for news that I can think of right now-- check back later, I'm sure Jakki will remind me of something!

Other notice:  Comments have been fixed!  Apparently I was getting a bunch of spam hits, so my host disabled the comments page.  It's back up, and hopefully the CAPTCHA will keep spammers out! 

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Ode To A Commode

Today I purchased a new toilet.  We are having tile laid in the bathroom next week and we've decided the small, cheap, wobbly potty the house came with needs to go.  So after some research and comparison shopping, we decided to go with the Cadillac of Crappers, the Barcalounger of Basins, the Paramount of Privies, the Gem Of Johns:  The American Standard Williamsburg Champion

  • Capable of flushing 29 golf balls or 200 linear feet of toilet paper, in a single 1.6 gallon, tsunami-esque, Flush Of Doom.
  • Chair height for easy perching (so one's legs don't fall asleep whilst reading the Harbor Freight catalog).
  • 2-3/8" fully glazed trapway that you could roll a tennis ball through.
  • And the whole thing, bowl, tank, and seat all fit in the trunk of the Jetta with the lid closed.  Those Germans know how to build a trunk.

Just writing about it brings a tear to my eye and makes me want to leap to my feet and croon the Star Spangled Banner.  In short, we can't wait.  The tile guys are scheduled to come at the end of the week, so I'll have to tear out the old toilet on Wednesday evening, and hopefully I can install the new one on Friday evening.

In other, less hyperbolic news-- last weekend Jakki & I had a great trip down to Moscow for Easter.  After church on Sunday, we (mom & dad included) took a picnic down to the Snake River with the Rigg family and also Don & Renee.  The weather was quite nice, and the food was great.

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New Favorite Breakfast Place

Satellite Diner GrillThis morning, Jakki & I found our new favorite breakfast joint, the Satellite Diner & Lounge in downtown Spokane.  I had the veggie benedict (mushrooms and spinach in place of the ham) and it was darn tasty!  Jakki had the Satellite Scramble which was huge and just as tasty, she reports.

We've been spring cleaning and knocking out a few around-the-house projects this weekend.  We finally got the ice-maker installed in our new fridge (the old one died the day after Christmas).  I also purchased and stained the lumber for my guitar hangers.  Hopefully, I can get the whole assembly screwed to the wall and my guitars hung up safely today.

We are awaiting Spring with baited breath, I'm anxious to prune the trees and get the lawn fertilized, and Jakki wants to start plating flowers.  Reminder: Daylight Savings Time ends early this year, we Spring Forward next weekend!

Also check out the Photo Album for some pictures of the Hog Heaven Big Band in action! 

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So It's Been Awhile

Okay, I realize it's been a few months since I've posted to the blog.  We've been busy!  Jakki's been picking up more shifts at Sacred Heart Medical Center in addition to her class load and clinical training at the VA Hospital.  I've been feeling pretty good and working full time as well.  I've also been trying to get the Jetta running again after a water pump replacement (which ended up being a hose/timing belt/tensioner/valve cover gasket/special funky harmonic balancer bolts replacement job).  I think I might heave the old pump through the German consulate's window.  What an ordeal!

My health has been pretty good as I finish out this last course of antibiotics, but this week I caught the sinus crud.  It's been decimating the forces at work, and I think I've infected Jakki and the work trainer we had out from Dallas this week.  I must spread my sickness!

Recently, we saw Dad and the Hog Heaven Big Band perform down in Uniontown Idaho, and then we went to the Spokane Blues Festival the following week.  Charlie Butts and the Filter Tips were great, and the Cary Fly Band was surprisingly good as well.  We look forward to going again next year.

So that's your kellytadams.com update! 

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Holiday Update

Okay, okay. I've been extremely remiss in updating my blog in a timely fashion. So I'm just going to lump everything together in one big update. Let's see... what's happened recently...
  • I've got a new job! I now work for Inland Northwest Health Services in the Web Development group. It's great, especially since I now have a group of peers to bounce ideas off of and learn from.
  • I've been in the hospital yet again. I had another flare-up of the MRSA bacteria so I'm doing another course of antibiotic IV infusions. Six weeks this time, but it's almost over. It will feel so good to take a normal shower!
  • Jakki has finished with school for the quarter, with what we expect will be great marks. She also is working a bit as a receptionist in the Emergency Dept. at Sacred Heart Medical Center.
Well, thats the major stuff. I did get a chance to run my new snow blower a few weeks ago, so I will put up some pictures of that. So go check out the pictures.
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